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A well designed security system offers you peace of mind that your people, property and belonging are safe from harm.

The system is made up of a a number of components:

  • Motion Detection: A basic security system consists of motion detectors installed throughout your home, which can be armed and disarmed via a keypad.

  • Alert: Once armed, an alarm will sound when movement is detected. Optionally, security services can be automatically contacted to attend to your property.

  • Perimeter: Reed switches can be installed on all windows and doors, allowing you to arm the perimeter at night. This means that you can walk around your house without setting off the alarm, however if someone was to force open a door or window, the alarm would sound instantly.

  • Fire: Smoke detectors can be connected to the system, alerting authorities when triggered. This adds peace of mind when away from the property, as a traditional smoke detector will sound an alarm but no one will be contacted.

  • Access: Access control of a door involves the use of a keypad and electronic lock. Access is granted via a pin code or fob swipe. Access can be limited to certain days or hours, meaning you can have a separate code for your gardener or cleaner, as well as specific days/times.

  • Review: Logs can be reviewed to see who and when people have accessed your property.


Why choose Integriti?


Reasons include:

  • Longevity: The manufacturer, Inner Range, has been operating for over 30 years.

  • Local: The product is Australian designed and supported.

  • Simplicity: keypad is easy to use.

  • Encryption: The Sifer standard employs 128 bit AES encryption for door access fobs and keypads, providing a far superior level of security than that of most competitors.

  • Software: Integriti PC software allows easy management and review of the security system.

  • Integration: Programmable, Flexible and Integrates perfectly with Crestron Automation.


Access Control


Access control gives you great flexibility over who has access to your property, and at what time.


Security Camera’s