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Home Automation:

What is it?

An Automation system simplifies important functions in your home, making them easy to use.


Via a touch screen showing a floor plan view of your residence, you are able to control:

  • Lights - on/off and dimming.

  • Blinds – Up/Down and Stop.

  • Climate – Schedule Cooling/Heating, towel rails, Floor Heating and Hydronics.

  • Scenes - Hello and Goodbye, allow many lights and blinds to operate at the push of a button.

  • Security - Standard and Night perimeter arming, as well as opening/closing of doors and garages.

  • Intercom - Talk to visitors and allow them access to your property. Also talk between rooms where touch panels are located.

  • Pool – Control pool/spa functions such as heating and jets.

  • Audio Visual – Select and control Music and Video sources such as Sonos, Foxtel and Apple TV.

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Why choose Crestron? 

Customisation: The system is fully tailored to your individual requirements - The touch interface can be adjusted to look and behave how you want it to.

Simplicity: We have refined our interface and programming over a decade to present something that is very simple to use, yet powerful in functionality.

Longevity: Crestron is here for the long haul. They have been operating since 1971.

Industry Leader: Crestron is installed in many, if not most of the world’s premier homes, buildings, universities, and even luxury yachts.

Partnerships: Crestron have partnerships with major technology companies including Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon and Sonos.

Support: Support is excellent, offering 3-5 year warranty on equipment.



Touch Panels

Touch Screen Interface examples:

A touch panel is at the centre of your automated home.
It is important that it is reliable and always accessible.
For this reason, we recommend at least one permanent touch panel is placed in a central location, such as a kitchen.

Available in Black or White.

Horizontal Mount Available in 5, 7 and 10 inch.

Vertical Mount Available in 5 inch.

Larger Panels are also available.



  • High Quality Build

  • Built-In Video Intercom Function

  • Built-In Sonos Software

  • Specially designed for 24/7 use


Voice Control


Amazon Alexa and Google Home, can be used with Crestron, allowing you to use your voice to control:


  • Lights – on/off and dim

  • Blinds – up / down

  • Climate – on/off and temperature up/down

  • Audio Visual – TV on/off.

  • Scenes – trigger lighting/blind scenes


Voice Examples:

As the day begins simply ask Crestron to activate ‘morning scene’ for the blinds to slowly open and lights to turn on.

Ask Crestron to activate a welcome scene that turns various lights on, opens all the blinds and turns on the TV in the living room.

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