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Intelligent Lighting. What is it?


Intelligent lighting allows simplified control of your lighting and blinds via programmable light switches and the use of scenes.

Scenes are groups of lights and blinds that can be set to specific dimmed levels via a single button. E.g. you might have an entertaining scene that dims various lights and closes the blinds, Or you might have a goodbye scene that turns all lights off.

Movement sensors offer the convenience of automated lighting at night, or in areas that receive minimal light, such as powder rooms and basements.

Everything is programmable and extremely flexible, so any button can be set to operate any light/blind combination and can be adjusted at any time.


Pyng Hub

Pyng works with Crestron lighting to control the lights and blinds in your house. It allows you to adjust light and blind levels and scenes yourself, negating the need to engage a programmer to make changes.

Using the Pyng IPAD App, you will be able to:

  • Change Light Switch Functions, e.g change a button to trigger a scene or different light fitting.

  • Adjust Light Levels and Scenes, as well as create new scenes.

  • Create and edit schedules for lights, blinds and heating.

  • Easily revert to the original program if you make a mistake.

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 Crestron Lighting

Crestron offers comprehensive lighting control solutions for any project — from new construction, to major renovations or minor retrofits. They offer both wired and wireless solutions.

The intelligent keypads can blend in to their surroundings, via Custom Trim, the top and bottom trim pieces can be engineered out of any material, or painted to match the wall surface.

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Philips Dynalite


The Philips Dynalite system offers robust and reliable lighting control via their intelligent antumbra light switches.

All switches feature a ‘halo effect’ that makes the wall light up when you approach.

The switches come in a range of colours, including:

  • Black or White (Glass)

  • Magnesium, Silver or White (Polycarbonate)

  • Aluminium, Gold, Jet, Noir, Prestige or Vintage (Metallic)

The trim around the switches can be:

  • Aluminium, Chrome, Magnesium or White